Sitting at the forefront of technological advancement, Siteria is a country bursting with as much opportunity and progress as it is energy. Neighborhoods vary from rural countryside to packed urban jungle (and run the gamut of everything in between), so Siteria offers something for every individual.

Although not the first country to experiment with or conduct research on the mystic properties of Hol'locie, Siteria remains at the forefront of this field of study, as well. With access to advanced tools and tehcnology, as well as a plentitude of bright, eager minds, Siteria has made great strides in demistifying the mineral. Under President Leonardo Everette's watchful eye, the government has recently focused more efforts into the beneficial harnessing of Hol'locie. Once experiments yielded consistent results in using Hol'locie-infused soil mixtures in controlled agricultural environments, the scientists have since begun testing and recording the results of the crop yields and measuring their effects on lab rodentia.

Unfortunately, with great power and discovery comes great responsibility—and with great responsibility comes great risk. Disillusioned scientists and members of society have since banded together to form a "cult" of sorts dubbed Ivalyce. Working under the noses of unspecting civilians and goverment officials—figuratively and quite literally—Ivalyce works day and night to study the effects of Hol'locie on the fauna of the planet by means of experimentation. Uncontrolled by governmental regulations and ethics, Ivalyce experiments on all things organic, from plants, to animals, to even humans. Some subjects are unwitting and coerced into participating, while others seek out the organization of their own free will. A such, Siteria is a country of duality—thriving from progress while simultaneously suffering from corruption.

Quick Facts

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Leonardo Everette


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Oniota City


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Noteworthy Destinations

Consisting of electrifying cities, lively port towns, charming countryside villages (and just about everything between), Siteria is quite diverse in both populace and community. Highlighted below are a few such areas—and some noteable trivia about each.

Aerial shot of New York City (NYC) around the Empire State Building (New York City, New York, USA)

Oniota City

The capitol of Siteria, Oniota City is wired and lively—and so are its inhabitants. Treated as the central "hub" of the country for a myriad of reasons, Oniota City has become a idolized yet cutthroat dreamscape where anyone can be anything. People from across the globe have either visited or moved to this vibrant metropolis for personal, aesthetic reasons, or to chase dreams.


Oniota City is home to the prestigious Presidential Building, where President Leonardo Everette frequents for meetings, addresses, and the like.

Valfam City

Sustainable, eco-conscious Valfam City has become the sought-after paradigm of architecture. Blending organic with inorganic, the structures of Valfam City are as beautiful as they are efficient. Flora sprout from just about every crevice of public and corporate architecture, while the roofs are all outfitted with solar panels.


Although home to techno-ecological marvels abound, Valfam City is more famously known for its greenhouse dome, which houses hundreds of species and varities of flora while featuring grandiose waterfalls along its walls.

Faraway shot of tall buildings surrounding (what appears to be) a skyscraper in the background, with green-leafed branches in the foreground (Central Park, New York City, New York, USA)
Low-angle worm's-eye view of pure-glass skyscraper building structures against a bright (but cloudy) blue sky

Aoi City

An ethereal place on the northeastern coast, Aoi City is known for its unique architecture. Mimicking the surface of water, Aoi City gives the appearance of an undersea city above the waves while also incorporating aquatic features in its detailing.


The northeastern outskirts of this city are home to the beautiful, black-sanded Glaceyn Beach, which got its name for the ice that accumulates along the shoreline during the winter months.


"Iynicchi", or its proper name Ranraoi, is a suburb that was developed by Iyondaean expatriates. Known for its Iyondaean influences, the exteriors of homes and buildings feature old-world architecture who's interiors are continuously upgraded with the newest in Siterian technology—creating a blended experience of both countries.


This suburb is the home of the current generation of Crescent family members who own the famous glassblowing décor company, Crescent Glassware Co.

Vertical shot of an Asian-architectural building/café on a slanted suburban street, behind stone walls (Seoul, South Korea)

People of Importance

Battle Tank icon,, Lorc
Presidential Bodyguard

Alan Paxton

Speaker on Stage icon,, Freepik
President of Siteria

Leonardo Everette

Bonsai Tree icon,, Lorc
Presidential Bodyguard

Ryker "Prowl" Takahashi

Processor icon,, Lorc
Head of Edelweiss

Darren Vallencourte

Techno Heart icon,, Lorc

Itami Jayne

Heavy Equipment Military Mechanic

Faie Adler

Dead Eye icon,, Lorc
Assistant Scientist, Government Biochemist

Mikaru Shonnen-D'Ascenzo

Hood icon,, Lorc


Exploding Planet icon,, Delapouite
Vigilante (with his own agenda)


Dragon Tamer

Luna Crescent

Tornado icon,, Lorc
Magick User

Sarah Impra

Heavy Bullets icon,, Delapouite
Black Market Weapons Dealer

Keith "Spitfire" Randalls

Local Firefighter

Damien Grey

Local Firefighter

Greyson Athalia

Local Zoo Guide

Malik Benoit

Local Girl Gang Member

Rin Kimura

Gauntlet icon,, Delapouite
Bouncer / Bodyguard

Yono Hartgraves

Swap Bag icon,, Lorc
Local Girl Gang Member

Midori Akamatsu

Crystal Eye icon,, Lorc
Half-Baked Thief

Nanashiki Allencrest

Crystal Ball icon,, Lorc
Necromaner / Medium

Nox Ashen

Sewing Needle icon,, Lorc
Fashion Mogul

Saari Pradana

Angel Outfit icon,, Lorc
Shadow Puppet

Noir Mathaegen

Shadow Grasp icon,, Lorc
CASII Employee

Nicky Deceverence

Dripping Knife icon,, Lorc
Fatal Prankster


Syringe icon,, Lorc
Head of Ivalyce

Mikkoku Damasu

Bowie Knife icon,, Lorc

Lucious "Ransom" Calhoun

Unlit Bomb icon,, Lorc
Shooting Range Employee

Andreas Kohler


Voyan McVay

Wind Hole icon,, Lorc

Raizix McVay

Rank 3 icon,, Skoll
Army General

Sergio Vargaas

Targeting icon,, Lorc

Zak Warlyile


Xyncx van Edema

Earth Split icon,, Lorc

Zarler Bose-Jones