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The Global Triad

Although there are numerous regions and countries scattered across the globe, there are three countries in particular that stand out.

Divine Iyondae

The monarchichal, old-world country of Iyondae sits in the northeastern hemisphere. Ruled by the Reigenzien family for centuries, the country has prospered. Daivega Reigenzien's reign, however, began to stir feelings of resentment amongst the populace...

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Bustling Siteria

The buzzing country of Siteria sits at the forefront of technological advancement, and is positioned comfortably within the northern and southern hemispheres. This bustling country is the place to be, especially since President Leonardo Everette's inauguration.

Venture Into Siteria

Wintry Alegone

The oldest-setteld (but more recently established) region of Alegone sits as north in the upper hemisphere as possible. Untouched for centuries, this country has slowly been making its way into the modern world—although the Xaerii village still maintains its ethereal mysticism within the confines of an isolated, fenced-in reservation.

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