[This is an actively in-progress timeline, and is by no means complete yet; the years aren’t "exact", since this doesn’t take place in a universe that’s parallel to anything. However, A.D. year numbers have been inserted to act as reference points for important events.]

Xaerii Village Established

The Xaerii establish a settlement on the northernmost continent (modern-day Alegone).

Khokori Pax-Esheway — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Khokori Pax-Esheway is born

Khokori Pax-Esheway is born an ill and fragile child to her two parents.

Khokori is taken to the Xaerii Village

Khokori, due to her continued ill health, is taken to a village of spiritual 'tribalists' (the Xaerii) as an adolescent.

Khokori is healed by the Xaeriites / Khokori becomes a member of the Xaeriite Village

Khokori is healed of her sickness and ailments by a Xaeriite Seer; as payment, the Seer requested that Khokori remain in the village and 'become a child of Galaxcyn'—as this was her destiny.

Crystal shrine icon, game-icons.net, Delapouite

Khokori performs a Hol'locie Ritual

Khokori performs a sacred Hol'locie Ritual on a dying man in order to heal him. Doing so ended up blidning and crippling her severly.

Khokori becomes an Attendant to the Seers

After living and serving in the village for quite some time, Khokori rose in status and was honored with the title and position of 'Attendant to Seer'. Khokori's Seer groomed her to one day become a Seer herself, and taught the girl everything she knew.

Khokori becomes a Seer

Khokori becomes a Seer in her mentor's place, while also tending to her mentor until her last days.

Khokori becomes a Xaerian Vessel

Khokori's Seer 'receives a message'—"if Khokori acted as a sacrifice, she would be able to gain the powers of the Peace Xaerian. Doing so will heal her, but she will have to serve the Peace Xaerian's will and act as its vessel". Khokori agrees and undergoes the transference ritual—Khokori bonds with the Peace Xaerian and becomes its vessel, but the ritual leaves Khokori's Seer and mentor crippled and near death.

Having bonded with the Peace Xaerian, Khokori now embodies its spirit and has gained access to its powers.

The Peace Xaerian gifts Khokori her Peace Bell "weapon set".

Iyondae is established

The country of Iyondae is established.

Siteria is established

The country of Siteria is established.

Alegone is established

The country of Alegone is established.

Minerals icon, game-icons.net, Faithtoken

Iyondae begins studying Hol'locie

The country of Iyondae begins its journey in studying and researching the mysterious, organic crystal Hol'locie.

Minerals icon, game-icons.net, Faithtoken

Siteria begins studying Hol'locie

The country of Siteria begins its journey in studying and researching the mysterious, organic crystal Hol'locie.

Monosashi Reigenzien - moro_244 Picrew Creation

Monosashi Reigenzien is born

Monosashi Reigenzien is born.

Sergio Vargaas - yasubaru0 Picrew Creation

Sergio Vargaas is born

Sergio Vargaas is born to Leon and Sophia Vargaas.

Theodore 'Teddy' Everette — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Theodore "Teddy" Everette is born

Theodore "Teddy" Everette is born.

Benson - moro_244 Picrew Creation

Benson is born

Benson is born.

Zarler Bose-Jones — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Zarler Bose-Jones is born

Zarler Bose-Jones is born to Emery Jones and Emma Bose-Jones.

Leonardo Everette — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Leonardo Everette is born

Leonardo Everette is born.

Kyogu Agame — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Kyogu Agame is born

Kyogu Agame is born.

Xyncx van Edema — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Xyncx van Edema is born

Xyncx van Edema is born.

Watari Kagawa - AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Watari Kagawa is born

Watari Kagawa is born.

Alan Paxton - yasubaru0 Picrew Creation

Alan Paxton is born

Alan Paxton is born.

Zak Warlyile — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Zak Warlyile is born

Zak Warlyile is born to Harvey "Ace" Warlyile and Siobhan Clarke-Warlyile.

Yono Hartgraves — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Yono Hartgraves is born

Yono Hartgraves is born.

Nicky Deceverence — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Nicky Deceverence is born

Nicky Deceverence is born.

Freya Sykes — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Freya Sykes is born

Freya Sykes is born to Julian and Amelia Sykes.

Ryker Takahashi - yasubaru0 Picrew Creation

Ryker Takahashi is born

Ryker Takahashi is born.

Nanashiki Allencrest — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Nanashiki Allencrest is born

Nanashiki Allencrest is born.

Aleuvayne — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Aleuvayne is born

Aleuvayne is born.

Mikkoku Damasu — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Mikkoku Damasu is born

Mikkoku Damasu is born.

Darren Vallencourte - yasubaru0 Picrew Creation

Darren Vallencourte is born

Darren Vallencourte is born.

Lucious 'Ransom' Calhoun — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Lucious Calhoun is born

Lucious Calhoun is born.

Greyson Athalia — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Greyson Athalia is born

Greyson Athalia is born to Noah and Ingrid Athalia.

Mikaru Shonnen-D'Ascenzo — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Mikaru Shonnen is born

Mikaru Shonnen is born to Christopher and Grace Shonnen.

Nox Ashen — bwz_00 / sooooosau Picrew Creation

Nox Ashen is born

Nox Ashen is born to Helena and Gerard Ashen.

Haishi - yasubaru0 Picrew Creation

Haishi is born

Haishi is born.

Shikyo — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Shikyo is born

Shikyo is born.

Scipio — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Scipio is born

Scipio is born.

Keith 'Spitfire' Randalls — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Keith Randalls is born

Keith Randalls is born to Lawrence and Jillian Randalls.

Nanashiki — poika's Picrew Creation

Kyoukou is born

Kyoukou is born.

Songen Adair - AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation
Faie Adler - AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Songen Adair and Faie Adler are born

Songen Adair and Faie Adler are born.

Voyan McVay — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Voyan McVay is born

Voyan McVay is born.

Zara Sykes — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Zara Sykes is born

Zara Sykes is born to Julian and Amelia Sykes.

Harvey "Ace" Warlyile is killed in action

While on active duty, Harvey "Ace" Warlyile is killed in action shortly after Zak's 7th birthday.

Rin Kimura — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Rin Kimura is born

Rin Kimura is born.

Raizix McVay - yasubaru0 Picrew Creation

Raizix McVay is born

Raizix McVay is born.

Tombstone icon, game-icons.net, sbed

Daivega Reigenzien dies (and Iyondae gains a new ruler)

Daivega Reigenzien (current monarch of Iyondae and father of Monosashi Reigenzien) passes away mysteriously from an "illness".

Monosashi Reigenzien, heir to the throne, inherits his father's position and seat of power at 25 years old.

Monosashi Reigenzien puts forth a 'Divine Quest'

Monosashi Reigenzien establishes a "shadow organization" of sorts and sends them on a divine quest to collect Hol'locie and Xaerian DNA across the globe.

Mikkoku begins learning medical skills

Mr. Damasu begins to teach Mikkoku (age 5) basic medical skills.

Nanashi — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Nanashi (Tsune Reigenzien) is born

Nanashi is born to Akarane and Varena Reigenzien as Tsune Reigenzien.

Andreas Kohler — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Andreas Kohler is born

Andreas Kohler is born.

Noir Mathaegen — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Noir Mathaegen is born

Noir Mathaegen is born to Jonas and Alyssa Mathaegen.

Midori Akamatsu — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Midori Akamatsu is born

Midori Akamatsu is born to Jun and Matilda Akamatsu.

Sarah Impra — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Sarah Impra is born

Sarah Impra is born to Richard and Janice Impra.

Benson attempts to join the royal fleet (and is subsequently banned)

Benson (age 17) performs a demonstration of swordsmanshup skills in order to join Monosashi Reigenzien's (age 26) royal fleet. He is subsequently banned, however, from both the castle and royal fleet by Monosashi's Courte after summoning his demon snake familiar, Dorothea.

Christopher Shonnen dies in the hospital

Christopher Shonnen dies in the hospital after being involved in a car accident three months after Mikaru's 5th birthday.

Miranda 'Mandie' Ashen — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Miranda Ashen is born

Miranda Ashen is born to Helena and Gerard Impra, and Nox Ashen (5) becomes a big brother.

Damien Grey — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Damien Grey is born

Damien Grey is born to David and Marcy Grey.

Malik Benoit — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Malik Benoit is born

Malik Benoit is born to Mason and Lillian Benoit.

Benson is exiled

Benson (age 18–19) is exiled from Iyondae after having been caught sneaking into the castle.

Benson moves to Siteria and abandons all ties to his former life, including his original name (which no one other than he knows).

Luna Crescent — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Luna Crescent is born

Luna Crescent is born to Maxwell and Serenity Crescent.

Haishi and Kyoukou become orphans

Haishi's (age 7) and Kyoukou's (age 6) parents are slaughtered in a targeted homicide, with Haishi witnessing it first-hand.

Haishi and Kyoukou are taken in by Haishi's godfather, who begins grooming the children (along with Monosashi Reigenzien himself) to be attendants/bodyguards to the monarch.

Xyncx becomes a test subject

At the age of 16, Xyncx van Edema is forced by his father to become a test subject for Ivlayce.

Mr. Damasu is recruited

Mr. Damasu is recruited into the secretive, underground organization of scientists—dubbed 'Ivalyce'—in order to study the effects of Hol'locie on the fauna of the planet.

Xyncx's body begins to shut down

After 6 or so months of testing, Xyncx van Edema’s (age 16) body begins to shut down as it rejects and reacts negatively to the Xaerian DNA.

Xyncx begins a PT regimen

After months of bedrest and watchful care, Xyncx recovers; although, he has suffered severe atrophies.

Xyncx begins a training and physical therapy regimen.

Itami Jayne — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Itami Jayne is born

Itami Jayne is born.

Xyncx regains physical tolerance

Xyncx van Edema (age 17) regains his tolerance for exercise and daily activities. He’s put on a more intensive exercise regimen to build his strength and endurance.

Xyncx becomes a test subject again

Although kept on his training regimen, the Ivalyce scientists begin to experiment on Xyncx once more—injecting his body with slightly lower doses of Xaerian DNA.

Mikaru becomes an orphan

Grace Shonnen dies of complications with her various illnesses three months after Mikaru's 8th birthday.

Mikaru Shonnen is placed into a local orphanage.

Itami is diagnosed with congenital analgesia

A decline in Itami’s (6 mo.) health forces her parents to consult a doctor, who ends up diagnosing her with congenital analgesia.

Xyncx's health declines again

Xyncx’s (age 18) health begins to deteriorate once more. This time, however, the Ivalyce scientists are quicker to stop the experimentation and increase both his medical care and exercise regimen.

Andrew Athalia — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Andrew Athalia is born

Andrew Athalia is born to Noah and Ingrid Greyson, and Greyson Athalia (9) becomes a big brother.

Saari Pradana — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Saari Pradana is born

Saari Pradana is born as a fashion heir to Christian and Natalia Pradana.

Xyncx becomes stable

Xyncx van Edema (age 18) seems stable again, and the Ivalyce scientists begin testing on him once more—increasing his dosage to the previous amount.

Xyncx comes close to death

Xyncx’s health takes a turn for the worse, and the scientists almost lose him this time around.

Xyncx bounces back (again)

After 2–3 months of bedrest, Xyncx bounces back once again—although he’s a bit better off this time around.

The scientists begin his "gentle" exercise and physical therapy regimen again so he can regain his tolerance and endurance.

Nicky becomes an orphan

Nicky Deceverence (age 13) indirectly slaughters his parents via Phantom Grimm.

Mikaru is adopted

Mikaru Shonnen (age 10) is adopted by Drago and Elena D'Ascenzo.

Xyncx's body stops rejecting the Xaerian DNA

Xyncx van Edema’s (age 19) body finally stops rejecting the Xaerian DNA and doesn’t leave him in a near-death state .

Dylan Impra — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Dylan Impra is born

Dylan Impra is born to Richard and Janice Impra, and Sarah Impra (5) becomes a big sister.

Xyncx gets stronger

Xyncx (age 20) begins to notice a slight increase in both his strength and endurance.

Dion Benoit - AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation
Aisyah Benoit - AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Dion and Aisyah Benoit are born

Dion and Aiysah Benoit are born to Mason and Lillian Benoit, and Malik Benoit (6) becomes a big brother to two [twin] siblings.

Scipio becomes an orphan

On April Fool's Day, Scipio (age 9) accidentally kills his parents by exposing them to a deadly illusion via his Xaerian's powers.

Scipio is taken in

Mr. Deluse takes Scipio (age 10) in and cares for him.

Xyncx's Xaerian DNA has finally settled

The Xaerian DNA has finally settled within the entirety of Xyncx van Edema’s (age 20) body.

With each subsequent injection, Xyncx finds that he gets a bit stronger, sharper, and quicker—the Xaerian DNA is now heightening his senses and strengthening his body.

Xyncx is forced to "transform"

Ivalyce now begins to force transformations on Xyncx’s (age 21) body.

The first few transformations yield horrid, twisted semblances of organic creatures, and they leave Xyncx in a non-responsive state when he returns to his natural form.

Benson finds Shikyo

Benson (age 24) finds Shikyo (age 10) bloodied, alone, unconscious, and surrounded by a dozen corpses; he takes her in and nurses her back to health.

Xyncx becomes resistant to Xaerian DNA injections

Xyncx van Edema (age 21) has developed a reistance (and almost immunity) to the doses of Xaerian DNA the Ivalyce scientists have been giving him; they increase his dosage in response.

Xyncx's "forme" begins to stabilize

At this point, Xyncx’s transformations begin to resemble a Xaerian-like creature—and not some abstract amalgamation.

Tsubaki Akamatsu — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Tsubaki Akamatsu is born

Tsubaki Akamatsu is born to Jun abd Matilda Akamatsu, and Midori Akamatsu (age 7) becomes a big sister.

Zak connects with a military recruiter

Zak Warlyile (age 17) connects with a military recruiter who visits his high school.

Xyncx breaks out

Xyncx van Edema (age 22) breaks out and escapes from Ivalyce, going on a destructive and murderous rampage as he does so.

Mr. Damasu dies

Mr. Damasu dies, leaving Mikkoku (age 14) alone in the world (although, at this point, she is more than capable of taking care of herself).
[He is one of the casualties of Xyncx's escape.]

Mikkoku seeks out Ivalyce

Mikkoku seeks out the organization Ivalyce, offering to assist them in their research as a medic—and even as a test subject.

Mikkoku is held within Ivalyce's facilities as a permanent test subject, and they begin experimenting on her with Hol'locie and Xaerian DNA.

Mikkoku's DNA is altered by the Xaerian DNA, causing her to become frail and weak. Her body rejects the Xaerian time and time again.

Zara Sykes drowns

Zara Sykes (age 10) drowns after falling through a frozen lake, but is Resurrected by the Xaerii.
She inherits the Ice Xaerian during the Hol'locie Resurrection ritual.

Mikkoku's body stops rejecting Xaerian DNA

Mikkoku Damasu's (age 15) body stops rejecting the Xaerian DNA, and it slowly begins intertwining with her own DNA.

Ivalyce's testing continues on Mikkoku

Ivalyce continues to push Mikkoku's body to the extremes, forcing transformations on her that tax her body—yielding in abstract and bizarre mutations.

During these transformations, Mikkoku has a tendency to go feral/get violent. Ivalyce commissioned a local magic-user for a "bewitched ribbon", which restrained and calmed Mikkoku when in her enraged state.

Zak passes his MEPS tests

Zak Warlyile (age 18) completes and passes his examinations and tests at MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station).

Alexandria 'Lexie' Athalia — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Alexandria Athalia is born

Alexandria Athalia is born to Noah and Ingrid Athalia, making Greyson Athalia (age 15) a big brother to two siblings.

Genevieve Akamatsu — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Genevieve Akamatsu is born

Genevieve Akamatsu is born to Jun abd Matilda Akamatsu, making Midori Akamatsu (age 9) a big sister to two siblings.

Zak begins boot camp

Zak (age 19) leaves his mother to begin basic army training / boot camp (via the Delayed Entry Program — DEP).

Mikkoku's Xaerian DNA has finally settled

The Xaerian DNA has finally settled within and intertwined with the entirety of Mikkoku Damasu's (age 17) body.

Mikkoku begins to notice that, with each injection she receives hereafter, her senses heighten and her physical limits/endurance increase. Mikkoku realizes that her body has finally accepted and become one with the Xaerian DNA, and that she is slowly becoming more powerful—and more dangerous.

The transformations Ivalyce force on Mikkoku are not nearly as painful as they used to be and result in mutations or failures less and less. Mikkoku is developing a "Xaerian forme" more and more each day.
Although not as painful, these transformations still result in excessive rips and tears in Mikkoku's body—which remain on her human form when she transforms back. She is once again fending for and patching herself up alone.
During the time her body begins to develop this "Xaerian forme," she begins to be able to overpower the bewitched ribbon Ivalyce used against her.

Mikaru is offered a plethora of scholarships

Mikaru Shonnen-D’Ascenzo (age 15) receives a multitude of full-ride scholarship offerings to various Siterian universities.

Voyan drowns his father

Voyan (age 13), who now has a decent handle on his water manipulation skills, kills his and Raizix’s (age 12) abusive father out of spite and rage.

Mikkoku gains a new forme (and a new title)

Mikkoku Damasu (age 18) is finally able to retain her Xaerian form with stability and transform at will.
She, however, notices that the Xaerian DNA has continued to make her skin and bones more brittle and weak—so she takes up the mantle as the head of Ivalyce using her newfound powers, knowledge, and Xaerian forme (along with a display of power over a tool once used to restrain her—the ribbon). She spearheads the Ivalyce initiative in order to harvest Xaerian DNA and Hol'locie in order to keep her human form young, refreshed, and strong.

Scipio is blinded

Mr. Deluse gouges out Scipio’s (age 15) eyes out of fear of the boy's powers; Scipio retaliates and kills Mr. Deluse.

Noel Crescent — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Noel Crescent is born

Noel Crescent is born to Maxwell and Serenity Crescent, and Luna Crescent (age 10) becomes a big sister.

Cassandra Athalia — AlohaSushiCore Picrew Creation

Cassandra Athalia is born

Cassandra Athalia is born to Noah and Ingrid Greyson, making Greyson Athalia (age 17) a big brother to three siblings.

Greyson's arm is crushed

Greyson Athalia (age 17) gets his arm crushed and severely burned in a house fire in his childhood home.

Mikaru selects a university to attend

After over a year of research and visitations, Mikaru Shonnen-D’Ascenzo (age 16) selects the university he wishes to attend post graduation.

Shikyo finds Kirby

While on a mission from Benson, Shikyo (age 15) stumbles across an injured animal—a fox. She has Moro stay with the injured creature while she completes her mission (neither her nor Moro trust Xuur to not eat the animal in their absence), then fetches the two once she's finished. She brings the fox home and nurses him back to health over the course of a month or so. Indebted to her, the fox asks that Shikyo "dub" him a name as her new partner—and she names him "Kirby". The two form a mutual partnership, and, eventually, an unbreakable bond.

Haishi becomes a bodyguard

Haishi (age 17) becomes Monosashi Reigenzien’s (age 38) personal bodyguard.

Xyncx joins the army

Xyncx van Edema (age 28) joins the Siterian Army and is assigned to Squadron 77 (Sergio Vargaas’ squadron).

Aleuvayne is killed in battle

While fighting on behalf of Monosashi Reigenzien (age 39) in the royal guard, Aleuvayne (age 20) is killed in battle.

Kyoukou becomes a bodyguard

Kyoukou (age 17) is finally able to become one of Monosashi Reigenzien’s (age 39) personal bodyguards, and accompanies her brother, Haishi (age 18), as such.

Monosashi Reigenzien is assassinated

Monosashi Reigenzien (40) is assassinated [shortly before Haishi's 19th birthday].

With Monosashi's assassination and death, Tsune Reigenzien's (Nanashi) (age 16) experimentation ceases. However, the trauma he has endured comes to a head in the form of both short- and long-term memory loss in addition to amnesia, as he loses all recollection of the past 16 years of his life.

Tornado icon, game-icons.net, Lorc

Sarah and Dylan Impra become orphans

After getting into an argument with her parents that left her rather distraught, Sarah (age 14) whipped up an accidental tornado with her Xaerian's powers. Her parents ended up perishing from the damage caused by the tornado, leaving Sarah and her younger brother, Dylan Impra (age 8), as orphans.

Sarah and Dylan Impra are taken in

Sarah and Dylan Impra are taken in by Daphne Impra, Janice Impra's single sister and Sarah's godmother.

Lucious joins the Army Reserves

Lucious Calhoun (age 20) begins his career as an member of the Army Reserve.

Greyson becomes a junior firefighter

Greyson Athalia (age 20) becomes a junior firefighter.

Darren graduates university

Darren Vallencourte (age 21) gradauates from university.

Darren accepts a job offering within the intelligence "branch" of the government.

Damien becomes a junior firefighter

Damien Grey (age 15) becomes a junor firefighter after completing his local cadet program.

Darren submits armor prototypes

Darren develops prototype/preliminary models of lightweight titanium armor pieces, which are submitted for testing.

Xyncx is discharged

Xyncx van Edema (age 30) is discharged from the military on account of his "condition" (being an experimental Xaerian, in addition to his drug [Galixxy] abuse).

Squadron 77 is ambushed

The entire 77th squadron is wiped out in a surprise ambush, including:

  • -Sergio Vargaas (age 37)
  • -Zak Warlyile (age 26)
  • -Zarler Bose-Jones (age 33)

Leonardo begins his political campaign

Leonardo Everette (age 33) hires a political campaign team for his upcoming presidential campaign.

Leo hires Alan Paxton (age 29) as his personal bodyguard.

Andreas fails his enlistment

Andreas Kohler (age 18) fails his enlistment into the Siterian military on account of his history of anger, aggression, and insubordination.

Andreas seeks out Lucious Calhoun (age 23), whom he had met during his enlistment/MEPS test, to be his mentor. Lucious takes the disheartened Andreas under his wing.

Xyncx overdoses

Xyncx van Edema overdoses on Galixxy and passes at 32 years old.

Party popper icon, game-icons.net, Delapouite

Darren gets a promotion

Darren Vallencourte (age 24) is given a promotion into the special area of the intelligence division, known as CASII (Central Agency of Siterian Intelligence & Information).

Damien starts college

Damien Grey (age 18) begins his first semester at a local Siterian college.

Party popper icon, game-icons.net, Delapouite

Nicky gets a promotion

Nicky Deceverence (age 27) is promoted and accepts a position within CASII (the Central Agency of Siterian Intelligence & Information).

Luna seeks out Ryker

Luna Crescent (age 18) seeks out local jiu-jitsu legend, Ryker Takahashi (age 26), in order to learn the art.

Lucious goes AWOL

Two (2) years after having taken Andreas Kohler (age 20) under his wing, Lucious Calhoun (age 25) disappears and goes AWOL.
[Lucious seeks out Ivalyce in order to become a test subject.]

Mikkoku Damasu (age 26), the current head of Ivalyce, only allows Lucious to become a test subject if he agrees to work for her (scouting new subjects, gathering Hol'locie, occassional hitman/assassin work, etc.) Lucious agrees.

Ivalyce begnis experimenting on Lucious.

Speaker on Stage icon, flaticon.com, Freepik

Leonardo is elected president

Leonardo Everette (age 35) is elected the new president of the country of Siteria.

Edelweiss icon, flaticon.com, Freepik - modified/edited by me, Leanne Scorcia

Darren proposes the "Edelweiss" program

Darren Vallencourte (age 25) proposes the "Edelweiss" program—a focal point for CASII where he can develop technologically advanced armor and gear for Siteria’s military.

Heart Wings icon, game-icons.net, Delapouite

Monosashi Reigenzien et al. are resurrected

Monosashi Reigenzien successfully performs a Hol’locie ritual (The Resurrection), reviving himself, Zak Warlyile, Xyncx van Edema, Zarler Bose-Jones, and Sergio Vargaas.

A Royal Reunion occurs

Monosashi Reigenzien (age 40 - undead) is reunited with Kyoukou (age 22) and Haishi (age 24). The two resume their posts as his personal bodyguards.

Inauguration icon, flaticon.com, Smashicons - modified/edited by me, Leanne Scorcia

Leonardo is inaugurated

Leonardo Everette (age 36) is inagurated and sworn into office as the new president of the country of Siteria.

Leo shifts the focus of scientific research and resources into beneficial harnessing Hol'locie.

Fomorian icon, game-icons.net, Cathelineau

The White Knight is resurrected

Monosashi Reigenzien employs a local Iyondaean necromancer in order to [hastily] revive his personal bodyguard, Aleuvayne the White Knight. The ritual is botched, and Aleuvayne comes back as a shell of her former self.

Edelweiss is approved

Darren Vallecnourte's (age 26) "Edelweiss" program is approved.

Darren begins work on the cybernetic titanium armor prototype, using himself as an occasional test subject for the cybernetic components to help further his research and development of the prototype.

Darren learns of Itami (age 18) and her unique condition (congenital analgesia); he offers a compromise with her, and she accepts being the test patient for the prototype to help "cure" her condition.

Lucious' body stops rejecting Xaerian DNA

Lucious’ (age 26) body stops rejecting the Xaerian DNA. However, it never fully takes to his own DNA.

Scipio is assassinated

Scipio (age 24) is assassinated [by Andreas Kohler (age 21)].

Yono Hartgraves becomes a bodyguard

Yono Hartgraves (age 28) becomes a bodyguard for the Pradanas, specifically for Saari (age 18).

Lucious brands himself as a hitman-for-hire

Mikkoku Damasu (age 27) informs Lucious that his response to the Xaerian DNA injections has stagnated, and therefore further testing was unnecessary. Lucious shrugs the news off and begins to develop his "brand" as a hitman/assassin-for-hire, primarily as Mikkoku’s hitman.

Progress is made on Darren's armor prototype

Darren Vallencourte (age 27) continues to make progress on his armor prototype and presents his progress to Leonardo Everette (age 36).

Leo isn’t keen on Darren using a human test subject for his prototype research, but both Darren and Itami (age 18) demonstrate how the technology is aiding Itami (and Darren provides the data on the tests and experiments he ran on himself to further his point).

Hol'locie has been harnessed for agriculture

Siterian government scientists have finally been able to produce consistent results with a Hol'locie-infused soil mixture for agriculture. Leo orders for the next stage of research & experimentation to begin: testing the yields of the crops and measuring the effects on the crops themselves in addition to lab tests.

Ryker Takahashi becomes a bodyguard for the President

Alan Paxton (age 33) holds specialized training with members of the Elite Guard to find a suitable candidate to help protect the President—and to become Alan's partner.

Alan chooses Ryker Takahashi (age 29) to become the President's secondary bodyguard.

Yono resigns as a bodyguard

Yono Hartgraves (age 29) resigns as a bodyguard for the Pradanas (regardless of their attempts at bribery and eventual threats/reminders of his NDA) to get out of the spotlight; Saari (age 18), as his actual "client", is much more understanding than her parents, and tells them to back off and respect his wishes.

Yono Hartgraves moves to a more western region of Siteria to try and escape his ties to the Pradanas; picks up a job as a bouncer.

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Scipio is resurrected

Monosashi Reigenzien (age 42 - undead) has Scipio Resurrected as per Nicky Deceverence’s (age 29) instruction.

A pact is formed

Monosashi Reigenzien (age 42 - undead) and Mikkoku Damasu (age 29) agree upon a "loose partnership", where Mikkoku heads a new project for Ivalyce—creating augmented humans to carry out Monosashi's will and serve the Xaelot cult.

The 'Xaelot' cult has been solidified

Monosashi Reigenzien (age 42–43) has solidified his 'Xaelot' cult.

1st Teammate Recruited

While doing reconnaissance in Ranraoi, Shikyo is flagged down by local townsperson Luna Crescent. The bubbly girl confronts and batters Shikyo with questions. After reluctantly alluding to doing reconnaissance work, Luna becomes incredibly interested in Shikyo and her "operation" and follows her around, begging the woman to allow her to help.

Reconnaissance Mission Prep – Target: Siterian President

Benson preps Shikyo for a reconnaissance mission to gather information on President Leonardo Everette and an upcoming meeting he's holding.

Reconnaissance Mission – Target: Siterian President

Benson sends Shikyo on a reconnaissance mission into the presidential building eavesdrop in on President Leonardo Everette's meeting.

During the mission, Shikyo is caught by Alan Paxton; he and Ryker Takahashi keep her locked down in an interrogation room.

A partnership is formed

Benson smooth talks his way into the Presidential building to bail Shikyo out.

Benson explains his and Shikyo's situation and mission to the trio (Alan, Ryker, and Leo). Leo proposes a mutually benficial relationship—he'll provide Benson, Shikyo, and their team with the latest in Siterian techonlogy and weaponry (akong with Darren's cooperation) if they work to protect Siteria as a whole and remove the threat that his Monosashi Reigenzien and his cult of Xaelots.

Darren Vallencourte and Itami join Shikyo's team (although to the two’s initial reluctance due to it coming as a surprise—and Itami’s lack of social skills).

2nd Teammate Recruited

Shikyo runs into her 2nd teammate, and they join her and Benson's cause.