Although not established as such, Alegone is technically the oldest country/settlement area. This country is located to Siteria's northeast and is where the Xaerii reside.

Attendants to Seers


A semi-elite group of individuals within the Xaerii tribe, these individuals are "christened" and tasked with helping and supporting their assigned Seer.

As a semi-elite group, Attendants to Seers do not don ornate masks; they wear decorated "crowns" of sorts that pay homage to their past and present kin.


Central Agency of Siterian Intelligence & Information (CASII)


A specialized sect of the Siterian government tasked with researching and analyzing the population to develop meaningful, impactful, and helpful technologies for the masses. This sect also performs routine data gathering and collecting, such as in the form of censuses


Elite Guard


A specialized tactics force that sits above the military (and only because they’re a group of specialized individuals—kind of a mix between the Transformers Elite Guard + the US’ Secret Service. They’re not just glorified babysitters for the President; they actually do/have done shit!). They still have to go through the country of Siteria’s standardized enlistment and its gamut of tests (equivalent of real-world tests completed at MEPS), but those who display exceptional skills/behavior/scores/etc are considered for the Elite Guard.

Those in the military share some resentment towards those of the Elite Guard, but the Elite Guard is comprised of more humble and sympathetic individuals who do not engage in mockery or "feed the fire," so to speak.

Edelweiss Program


A specialized division within the Central Agency of Siterian Intelligence & Information (CASII) proposed and spearheaded by Darren Vallencourte, the program's aim is to develop technologically advanced armor for Siteria’s military. Said armor has been proposed to measure and produce feedback on environmental things—from vitals to internal/external temperature readings, to wind speed/direction/etc., weather, and the like.

Itami Jayne is the "living prototype" of Edelweiss' achievements, as she wears a relatively full "suit" of the armor (which monitors her vitals and constantly emits feedback to both her and Darren). In addition to her, Darren also tests the armor on himself and records his findings in a separate log.




"Galaxcyn" is the human-given name for the spirit of the planet. Galaxcyn is a dormant celestial entity that gives life to the planet—every single creature and organism contain a part of Galaxcyn’s spirit, and the lives of the flora and fauna are enriched by a gift of his essence to the planet (which takes the form of crystallized "Hol’locie").

When Galaxcyn takes its celestial dragon form, its telepathic speaking voice overlays both a "male" and "female" voice—as Galaxcyn is a genderless, celestial being.



"Galixxy" (ground up Hol’locie) is the equivalent of meta-world cocaine. A half-gram is all one needs for a week; 2+ grams in 1-2 weeks can kill anyone (or anything). The drug works in a similar fashion to alcohol—smaller amounts (.1g – .3g) have a stimulant effect, but larger amounts (.5g – 1.5g) have a depressant effect. If a dosage has been taken and the stimulant effects begin to wear off, another dosage can be taken to re-induce it. Although highly addictive, users will not crave Galixxy like cigarettes. Each user is affected differently, but most take a dose that will last them a few days—after that period, the user will get a dull, nagging craving. If not taken within a two-day period of those cravings, the body will start to go into withdrawal due to the purity of the drug. The depressant effect does not act similarly to meta-world marijuana.

Both Xyncx and Haishi are known Galixxy users (and abusers).



Noun (hol–lohsay)

A gift from Galaxcyn, Hol’locie is an energy-rich mineral found in crystallized deposits scattered about the planet. Hol’locie enriches the planet, and it aids in the growth and well-being of its flora and fauna. Undisturbed Hol’locie provides enrichment from the center of the food web—the flora that surround a Hol’locie cluster feed off its energy and (use some of this energy as additional nutrients), and the flora is then ingested by the fauna of the planet. Although it is not an infinitely renewable resource, new crystal clusters will form and grow in the place where the last cluster was either harvested or destroyed.

As civilizations developed, they began to study and research the properties of Hol’locie. The Xaerii, one of the oldest "tribes" of the planet, were the first to gain a structural understanding of the mystic crystals due to their connection with nature and the planet. The Xaerii tribe’s Seers became the first (and just about only, still to the present day) humans to be able to harness Hol’locie in its pure, undisturbed form—using it for medicinal and agricultural purposes.

Siteria, the most progressive and technologically advanced country, has the means and resources to examine Hol’locie the most thoroughly. Only recently were scientists able to implement altered Hol’locie into daily life, starting with genetically engineered botanical life. ("Altered", as the crystal cluster has been experimented with in both crushed and liquid forms, where it seemingly serves the most use for humans.) Scientists have since perfected the ratio of Hol’locie to soil and nutrients, allowing for a minimal amount to be added to crop fields in order for them to yield larger, healthier produce with no side-effects.

Although Hol’locie cannot be lab-grown or synthetically created, humanitarians and scientists alike are conscientious about its regrowth in nature—and some will dedicate and transform workspaces or local, professional greenhouses to Hol’locie-regrowing facilities. Unfortunately, Hol’locie clusters occasionally fall into pedestrian hands, and much blood has been spilled over the stealing and selling of the material. Some wealthy and powerful families will even go so far as to display it in their homes, but this ends in misfortune for them just as often as for the common folk.

Ever since it fell into a pedestrian’s hands, Hol’locie has also been abused in the pursuit of malicious and unethical goals. People have found that finely ground Hol’locie can be snorted, thus creating an entirely new black market product (and an ensuing population of addicts) dubbed "Galixxy". Scientists with less-than-ethical goals have also used Hol’locie to experiment on animals to study its enriching properties. Like-minded individuals eventually formed a secret, underground organization (eventually dubbed Ivalyce) where they studied the effects of Hol’locie on the planet’s fauna, experimenting on whether or not the material could be used to enhance both animals and humans.

A "pinch" of Hol’locie is the secret ingredient in the Crescent family’s soda-lime and borosilicate mixtures that gives each glass piece it's "Crescent-Guaranteed Radiance".



Noun (ee-yone-day)

The oldest-established country, Iyondae is located to Siteria's east. This country has been ruled by monarchs and a royal family (most recently Monosashi Reigenzien's family) since its establishment, and resembles both Japan and England in customs/clothing/styles/etc.


Noun (ee-vah-leece)

An underground organization comprised of like-minded scientists who seek to study the effects Hol’locie has on the fauna of the planet by means of experimentation.

Although modern science has only just harnessed the ability to enhance agriculture, there are some individuals who have proposed moving on to animals and humans in order to study the medicinal effects Hol’locie could potentially have. However, they are rejected over and over again. Some of those individuals are left more bitter than others, and those bitter individuals turned to Ivalyce in order to test their hypotheses and theories. Not all of the scientists in Ivalyce share the same malicious intent, but all seem to operate outside of the commonly-accepted boundaries and implementations of ethics.

Given that Hol’locie is a gift of essence from Galaxcyn itself, the material becomes charged with the intent of the handler—for better or worse. Each individual creature is affected uniquely when experimented on, as the Hol’locie becomes extremely volatile due to input on both ends. Malicious intent or ill-will negatively charge the material, yielding in unpredictable mutations or even disaster. The nature of the animal also heavily determines the results—weak-willed and/or unintelligent animals will either fall incurably ill, go berserk, or even just outright die. Hol’locie "judges" life based on a multitude of factors, but the seemingly most important aspects seem to be clarity of thinking, will-power, intelligence, and pureness of heart. The move to human subjects yielded even more bizarre results based on the nature of how Hol’locie judges life. Weak and ill humans who were experimented on by those who sought to harness Hol’locie for healing would never fully recover from their illnesses, and all would eventually die within a matter of a month or two. Ivalyceans couldn’t accurately test whether or not the Hol’locie or the individuals’ sicknesses were the direct cause of the death timeline, so they continued their experimentations to further data collection. Those who wished to harness Hol’locie for malicious intents experimented on any and all individuals alike—they tested anyone they could get their hands on discreetly or who approached them willingly. Some test subjects survived longer than others, but in almost all cases they were mutated into twisted, unrecognizable creatures.

The difference between the intents of the scientists who work to better the agriculture and those who seek to alter and enhance organic matter create distinct extremes of how Hol’locie can be positively or negatively charged.

Ivalyce eventually got their hands on Xaerian DNA (in the form of hair and skin), and were able to begin experimenting with that, as well. There were hundreds of failed attempts at recreating a Xaerian, but 2.5 were successful—Xyncx and Mikkoku, and a partial experimentation done on Lucious.
Ivalyce is responsible for experimenting on both Xyncx and Mikkoku.
Mikkoku, when she inherits/takes over, is responsible for the partial experimentation on Lucious "Ransom" Calhoun.




The elite cornerstone of the Xaerii people, they are revered as the "holiest" of members. These individuals are believed to have been given a small amount of Galaxcyn's "holy and divine" powers. Few Seers have the ability to locate the general whereabouts of Xaerians, while even fewer have the ability to help heal minor wounds and illnesses. Those chosen few, through tireless prayer and the harvesting of Hol’locie, have the ability to heal more serious wounds and illnesses.

Seers wear ornate outfits and jewelry/headdresses/etc. to identify their status (as Seers are the most important aspect of Xaerii culture). Only females can be Seers (males "don’t seem to have the affinity").

There is no "limit" to how many Seers there are at a time, but the highest number ever recorded was 6 [at once].



The second oldest-established country, Siteria is where most of Musings of takes place. This country operates on a democratic republic system and is the most technologically advanced. Siteria resembles the United States (and a cyberpunk/scifi/futuristic version of it) in customs/clothing/styles/etc.

(The democratic republic system that Siteria runs on... works in comparison to the US' system. It's not as flawed, and Leo's actually a great president.)


Reclamation Property


In regards to Xaerians and their host vessels, killing a host will loose a Xaerian and its spirit from that host's corporeal form. Upon being freed, the Xaerian's spirit will enter the nearest available [human] vessel. If the spirit of a Xaerian enters the host vessel’s murderer, there is a tendency to mentally torture the new host as a means of punishment. Some people end up committing suicide to end it, but a select few people have been able to bear the punishment and overcome the Xaerian’s resistance.

Xaerians possess a "Reclamation Property"—if the original host returns to the earth by the means of a Hol’locie ritual (The Resurrection), killing the new host will allow them to repossess the Xaerian. Revivees, however, cannot embody the spirit of a Xaerian different to the one they originally hosted; they can only repossess their own element.
(This property is how Zak and Zarler are able to repossess their War and Earth Xaerians, respectively.)

The Resurrection

Noun Also referred to as a Hol’locie Ritual

A ritual that can be performed—by either the deceased or the living—to bring back the souls of those who have not fully departed from the spiritual realm. The individual(s) performing the ritual must have a strong affinity for the spiritual and be in-tune with the energies of the planet, as they need to channel Galaxcyn’s energy through sacred Hol’locie crystals. If a ritual is completed successfully, the souls of those who were involved re-materialize in the physical realm.

Unfortunately, due to cosmic laws, Aeron (the Xaerian of Death/"Grim Reaper") will continue to hunt you down once you re-materialize—as "the planet is owed a soul". Aeron embodies a lot of "human" qualities, regardless of being a celestial being, but he is also governed by the unbiased rules of the cosmos. A soul is a soul to him, and Monosashi Reigenzien uses that to his advantage when he revives himself, Xyncx, Zak, Sergio, and Zarler (and the eventual rest of the recruits).

Despite having a constant trail for Aeron to follow and owing him and the planet a debt, there is only one other marker of a "revivee"—a black, abstract scar of where they were killed (if they were killed).

  • Zak has the chest scar in the shape of a heart—as he was stabbed through the heart.
  • Sergio has a neck scar (that he always keeps covered)—as his throat was slit.
  • Zarler has abstract scars around various parts of his body—as this brute died from bleeding out.
  • Xyncx gets ghostly markings along the trails of his veins and capillaries whenever he takes a hit of Galixxy—as he died from his body overcompensating. (Xyncx is a special case, however, considering he doesn't possess a 'natural' Xaerian)

The souls of most individuals return back to the planet (and, therefore, back to Galacxyn) but some of the souls who died prematurely or with regrets/unfinished business/etc. remain bound to the planet in the spiritual realm (similar to limbo). This spiritual realm is a parallel to the physical realm, but the two exist on top of one another—not within one another. The spirits within this realm exist in an ever-evolving, nonlinear timeline (Nox uses this to his advantage in his psychic and clairvoyant readings), which causes most of them to wander aimlessly in eternal confusion and distress.

Nox’s clairvoyance and energies attracted the souls of those who were still spirit-bound and brought them to the physical realm—where he could see and interact with them.



An individual who has been Resurrected via The Resurrection.




Xaerians are a group of dragon-like deities created by Galaxcyn that embody and protect the elements/forces of nature. Galaxcyn’s children are chosen (at random) at their time of birth to inherit a Xaerian, if one does not currently have a vessel. That individual is tasked with protecting the Xaerian they have been blessed with, and to carry out the will of that Xaerian. Hosts have the ability to morph into their Xaerian formes at will, but this is taxing on the host’s body. Through training and communing with the deity, the human host can borrow and control the elemental powers of that Xaerian. Sometimes these powers are bestowed upon the human host in the forms of "gifts", such as Khokori’s Peace Bell set and Aeron's cross and scythe. Xaerians are peaceful and defensive by nature, but their behaviors can be influenced and altered by the intentions and mindsets of their hosts. If a Xaerian turns hostile, those who stand in its way don’t live to tell the tale of the fight (well, all except one).

Only Xaerians are capable of killing other Xaerians, although this is not feasible given that they will not attack one another. However, if a Xaerian is killed, it and the element it embodies will return to Galaxcyn and act as a weapon against any malevolent force.
In spite of the fact that only Xaerians can kill other Xaerians, their human hosts are susceptible to death as normal—Xaerians do not grant immortality (other than Khokori and her Peace Xaerian, given the circumstances of her transference ritual) or increased strength/immunity solely for hosting them. The only way to tell if someone is a Xaerian host is if they tell you—or if they actively display their powers (or Xaerian forme) to you. Most people are responsible with their powers, but a fair amount of blood has been spilled over Xaerians for a multitude of reasons.

(Xaerians are the guarding force of the planet. Only by summoning and harnessing all of the Xaerians can Galaxcyn be summoned.)

Xaerii / Xaeriite

Noun (plural/singular, respectively)

The Xaerii (individuals are referred to as Xaeriites) are a group of spiritual people who worship the Xaerians and Galaxcyn itself. They believe themselves to be humble servants of nature—and by serving the planet as a whole, they believe that individuals in the group ("Seers") are given a small amount of Galaxycn’s "holy powers". Few Seers have the ability to locate the general whereabouts of Xaerians, while even fewer have the ability to help heal minor wounds and illnesses. Those chosen few, through tireless prayer and the harvesting of Hol’locie, have the ability to heal more serious wounds and illnesses—"One Seer was known to have cured a man on his deathbed, but ended up paying an equal price in return."

Members of the Xaerii are humble and believe themselves to be nothing more than "fortunate and blessed creatures" that have been reincarnated into humans in order to better serve the deities. They feel "in-tune with their past kin", which is why each Xaeriite has an animal mask. No two masks are alike, but there can be (and are) multiples of animals. Xaeriites can have affinities and stronger pulls to certain Xaerians based on their past creature, so these Xaeriites may have specific duties. Lower, common Xaeriites prefer to serve the deities anonymously, as they do not believe in ego—hence why they wear the masks at almost all times.

While clearly not vain, the Xaerii do indulge in material things such as natural dyes in order to further express their unique natures. Since their faces are always covered, they indulge in dying their hair as opposed to painting their skin—as the Xaelarii do.

Since the Xaerii serve the Xaerians and Galaxcyn, they christen one another with names that begin with either the letter "X" or the string "Xa"/"Xae".
[Khokori is the only exception to this.]



Xaeriites—while peaceful and nonviolent—do "employ" bodyguards and village protectors. These individuals perform duties such as scouting and hunting/gathering, as the group lives in relative isolation—and do not rely on technologies of any sorts. These individuals are marked by tattoos and markings, as they believe the markings bring out their "inner strength".



An individual member of a cult by the same name developed by Monosashi Reigenzien. The overarching goal of the cult is to gather the Xaerians together and summon Galaxcyn to do Monosashi Reigenzien's bidding, as he believes that he himself is a God above gods.