Darren Vallencourte

Darren Vallencourte - Bust portrait
Name Darren Vallencourte
Alias "Headmaster", "Mr. Robot"
D.O.B. January 20 / Aquarius
Age 29
Sex / Gender Male / Male
Orientation Heterosexual Aromantic
Eye Color Left: Light Gray
Right: Dark Gray

Hair Color Black; White Streak
Height 6'2½"
Weight 150 lbs.


  • Technology
  • Edelweiss flowers
  • Black licorice
  • Fencing (sport)


  • Emotions / "Feelings"
  • Vulnerability / flaws
  • Disorder
  • Cinnamon
    Extraverted Introverted
  • Intuitive Observant
  • Thinking Feeling
  • Judging Prospecting
  • Assertive Turbulent

*MBTI results and explanations referenced from test results provided by 16personalities.com.

    Friendly Reserved
  • Serious Immature
  • Brave Timid
  • Organized Messy
  • High-Strung Relaxed
  • Wise Ignorant
  • Independent Dependent
    Optimistic Cynical
  • Polite Snarky
  • Cautious Impulsive
  • Sincere Deceptive
  • Diligent Lazy
  • Focused Scatter-brained
  • Emotional Dispassionate


Abstract blue neon light with mirrors and cubical spheres.
  • Entire existence (more or less) was based on my desire to have a black-haired character with a white streak
  • Has difficulty feelings/conveying/expressing emotions; isn't asexual, but has little to no desire for a relationship
  • Given his cold, calculating, and dispassionate disposition, he is occasionally referred to as "Mr. Robot"
  • Loves Edelweiss (enough to name his military technology development program after it)
    • The idea for the "Edelweiss1" program name came from my late grandfather's love of the song "Edelweiss" from The Sound of Music
  • Enjoys the sport and art of fencing; will often watch tournaments and matches or attend them with front-row seats
    • Although he's just about mastered all three weapons, the foil is his go-to and his best weapon
  • Darren’s last name went from Gackt (after my favorite Japanese singer at the time of the same name), to Valentine (spelled like the saint/holiday, but pronounced "Valenteen"), to Vallencourte
  • He's allergic to Red Dye 40
  • Everything in his lab (and house) is labeled
    • Everything from beakers to test tubes and hampers to closets have corresponding labels on them

[Early Backstory Coming Soon!]

Through his biweekly search request through the government building's laboratory and testing facilities, Darren's attention was eventually brought to Itami Jayne: a newly admitted patient with a unique condition. Itami's congenital analgesia — the inability to feel pain — intrigued Darren, and he felt that it could help expand his research and further his armor prototype. After discussing the plans of his armor and how it could potentially improve Itami's quality of life, she agrees to become a volunteer. Itami then becomes a test subject of sorts for Darren's technological experimentation (cybernetic implants and such to monitor her vitals/etc. and control bodily functions as needed). Darren also uses this technology to enhance Itami's bodily endurance — to the point where she becomes more of a "prototype" than just a girl with a medical condition. He incorporates her testing regimen into the research he performs for Edelweiss, his program brainchild for developing technologically advanced armor for Siteria's2 military. Although Leonardo Everette is not keen on Darren's usage of human tests subjects, but the demonstrations and data from experiments run on both of them is convincing enough for Leo to allow him to continue (with additional monitoring so that the experimentation doesn't get out of hand).

Darren still heads the Edelweiss program & division, where he continues to carry out experiments and conduct research for the Edelweiss program.

Once Shikyo and her group come along (after Shikyo is caught trespassing in the vents of the Presidential building), Darren reluctantly agrees (after more or less being told by Leo to cooperate) to help Shikyo et al. with their goal of neutralizing the Xealot3 threat.

[ Intelligence ]

Darren's astronomical IQ and intelligence were evident from a young age, and he used this to advantage whenever he could. Although it didn't earn him many friends or favors, it did cataupault him into a high-level government position immediately after graduating. After a few years of diligent, high-quality work, Darren was then promoted to a niche division of the intelligence agency, where he went on to propose and head his own program. Through Darren's more or less sole efforts, the Siterian government was able to outfit their army with state-of-the-art, cutting-edge, cybernetic titanium armor.

[ Fencing ]

Ever since he was young, Darren showed an intense interest in the art and sport of fencing. Although Darren gained proficiency in all three weapons over the years of his training, the foil has always been his go-to and best weapon. To this day, he keeps up with his training and will attend matches, watching from the front row (as he won't participate on account of his government work schedule).


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2.5 / 5 Stars

Emotions were the human weakness I wiped from my memory to become what I am today.


Leonardo Everette
Leonardo Everette - AlohaSushiCore's Picrew Maker

Leonardo Everette

[ Highest Supervisor ]

Leonardo Everette, the president of Siteria, is Darren's highest supervisor. After his promotion to CASII and approval to begin work on the Edelweiss project, Darren now reports directly to Leo. Although Leo is cautious and wary of Darren's strictly logical approach to things, he allows Darren to enjoy "artistic freedom" with his work and designs, putting his utmost trust into CASII's star employee.

Itami Jayne
Itami Jayne - Cropped detail shot

Itami Jayne

[ "Test Subject / Prototype" ]

Itami Jayne, a patient within the goverment's care due to her unique condition (congenital analgesia), has agreed to become Darren's "test subject", more or less. In exchange for a "better quality of life", Itami allows Darren to test his cybernetic armor on her, using her as a prototype of sorts. Itami's medical condition and rigorous testing with Darren has allowed the latter to further his Edelweiss project, which eventually led to the rolling out Type I models to the Siterian military.

After spending time together day in and day out for testing sessions, Itami begins to develop romantic feelings towards Darren — which she keeps to herself, given Darren's lack of interest in the subject.

Mood Board

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A human-like AI figure, floating with crossed legs and wires in its back in an abstract environment.
Interior of a scifi/futuristic building with abstract wave neon tube lights.
Interior of a building with a window, with the neon tubes in the form of the words 'Data has a better idea' on the wall underneath.
Abstract blue neon light with mirrors and cubical spheres.
Computer monitors and laptops with coding programs open and lines of code on the screen, along with a black and white (inverted) 'Anonymous/Anon' mask.
Dotted laser pointed pattern projecting over someone's hand and along the background wall.
Layered neon display of the outline/silhouette of a human with the brain underneath, with the words 'It's inside us all'.
Four surveillance cameras within view in a scifi-looking environment.
Man wearing a black and white VR headset, tangled in every kind of electrical wire possible, hands bound by them, with other electrical devices strewn around the floor and an iPhone in the man's hands.
Man holding out his arm, holding an Edelweiss flower between his two fingers against a sunset, mountainous backdrop.
Man against a wall with red overlay lighting with binary code projected onto the wall and over his face and torso, with '_error_' next to his face at eye line.
Worm's eye/low-angle view of a white, concrete/marble presidential building with columns.
Edelweisse flowers with blurred/unfocused snow-covered Matterhorn mountain in the background.
Two square blue LED light panels with electrical cables connected between the two.
Low-light photo of a white robot with its back turned to the camera, head hung just a bit.
Black and white image of two fencers competing in a competition match.

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