Mikkoku Damasu

Mikkoku Damasu - Bust portrait
Name Mikkoku Damasu
Alias "Lady Ivalyce"
D.O.B. September 13 / Virgo
Age 30
Sex / Gender Female / Female
Orientation Heterosexual
Eye Color Icy Blue
Hair Color Grey/Silver to Black Ombré
Height 5'8" (5'11" with heels)
Weight 141 lbs.


  • Silk
  • Ornate cigarette holders
  • Chipped nail polish (design)
  • The smell of old parchment paper
  • Admiring herself in reflective surfaces


  • Wool
  • Faded dye job (especially when her roots grow in and are visible)
  • Shattered glass
  • Heat / deserts
  • Humid climates / weather
  • Wrinkles
    Extraverted Introverted
  • Intuitive Observant
  • Thinking Feeling
  • Judging Prospecting
  • Assertive Turbulent

*MBTI results and explanations referenced from test results provided by 16personalities.com.

    Friendly Reserved
  • Serious Immature
  • Brave Timid
  • Organized Messy
  • High-Strung Relaxed
  • Wise Ignorant
  • Independent Dependent
    Optimistic Cynical
  • Polite Snarky
  • Cautious Impulsive
  • Sincere Deceptive
  • Diligent Lazy
  • Focused Scatter-brained
  • Emotional Dispassionate


Zoomed-in black and white photo of a woman with long, painted nails holding a lit cigarette.
  • Smokes cigarettes both because of and in spite of her father / has a fondness for cigarette holders
  • Was originally based off of an "inverted" / opposite version of Shikyo, hence the inverted ombré, blue eyes, and super pale complexion; she's now more of a take on my "Mob Geisha" concept
  • Has eternally youthful looks due to consistent Xaerian1 DNA injections, but otherwise her bones and skin are incredibly fragile (rips and tears she endured in her Xaerian forme used to appear when she returned to her human form, as well)
  • Well-practiced in medical procedures / skills (hence why she's still alive, as she was the one who patched up and kept herself alive during her experimentation)
  • Voiceclaim: Mela Lee

Mikkoku's father was a doctor in a quiet, little suburban town in Siteria2. When she was five, Mr. Damasu begun to teach his daughter basic medical skills, as he wanted her to be able to fend for herself and be self-sufficient. These included basic skills such as applying bandages, dressings, thoroughly cleaning wounds, applying tourniquets, and a bit of self-inspection of wounds when applicable. Some time in 1999, Mikkoku's father was recruited into the underground organization, Ivalyce3. Due to his recruitment, Mikkoku — who was around the age of nine at this point — saw less and less of her father. This forced her to learn how to be completely self-sufficient.

In July of 2005 (Mikkoku is fourteen at this point), Mr. Damasu died in an accident at Ivalyce's 'headquarters'. After a bit of grieving, Mikkoku sought out Ivalyce in lieu of her father's passing and offered to assist them in their research as a volunteer medic, and even went so far as to offer herself up as a test subject. Mikkoku is then experimented on for the next two years, and in 2007 her body finally begins to accept and be taken over by the Xaerian DNA she's continuously been injected with. The Xaerian DNA heightened her senses and increased her endurance/physical limits. After more injections and testing, Mikkoku was finally able to develop a stable Xaerian forme—as well as a secondary forme (where she's half-human and half-Xaerian).

In April of 2008, 18 year old Mikkoku uses her formes (and an item that was previously used against her, that she now wields as a sign of overcoming her experimenters — a bewitched ribbon) to take over as the head of Ivalyce. She does so in order to spearhead the initiative to order to harvest more Xaerian DNA — primarily to keep her human form young, refreshed, and limber.

Though she continues to spearhead Ivalyce, she has also formed a "loose partnership" with Monosashi Reigenzien, now that he has resurrected. In exchange for offering his cultists as extra hands for Ivalyce's needs, Mikkoku provides him with low-level thugs, minions, and failed experiments to supplement his cult and 'army'.

[ Bewitched Ribbon ]

Once used as a tool to restrain and constrict her, Mikkoku eventually overpowers this bewitched item and claims it as her own. It floats behind her in a decorative manner, but she can command it to strangle, tie, or constrict up to four (4) individuals.

[ Xaerian ]

While not a "true" / pure Xaerian, Mikkoku possess 3 formes — her human form, a demi forme, and a Xaerian forme. Her demi form is a bi-pedal amalgamation of her human form and Xaerian forme, while her Xaerian forme is a full-fledged, quadrupedal Xaerian.


4.5 / 5 Stars


5 / 5 Stars


5 / 5 Stars


5 / 5 Stars


1.5 / 5 Stars


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5 / 5 Stars

Now leave me be so that I may tend to my fountain of youth. We can't let these dregs believe me to be some decript hag!


Lucious "Ransom" Calhoun

Lucious "Ransom" Calhoun

[ Hitman / Bodyguard ]

After having sought out Ivalyce in an attempt to become a Xaerian test subject, Mikkoku onlu allows Lucious to participate on the condition that he agrees to work for her. More than happy to oblige, Lucious begins down a new path in life—and the two become invaluable assets to one another.

Monosashi Reigenzien
Monosashi Reigenzien - AlohaSushiCore's Picrew Maker

Monosashi Reigenzien

[ "Partner" ]

Monosashi Reigenzien and Mikkoku have formed a "loose partnership" of sorts, where Mikkoku provides low-level thugs, minions, and failed experiments to supplement Monosashi Reigenzien's cult and 'army' in exchange for test subjects, occasional Xaerian DNA, and as much Hol'locie5 as possible.

Mood Board

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Japanese geisha with bright red parasol walking away from the camera.
Woman dressed in a kimono surveying the cityscape from a high vantage point.
Woman in red, white, and blue floral kimono shading her face with a decorative hand fan.
Kimonos in all colors and patterns folded and stack on one another in wooden cubbies.
Black and white butterflies resting on bright red flowers.
Woman with dark makeup and a sheer-sleeved black shirt holding a black rose up over her right eye.
White Queen of Spades card amongst red and white numbered/Ace cards on black.
Shelves of an apothecary with jars, tubs, bowls, and vial tubes in holders.
Medical supplies (stethoscope, First Aid Kid, and two packets of sealed pills and tablets) on a rich, turqouise blue background.
Focused shot of turqouise blue beads next to a grey stone, lying on top of a black and white mat/rug.
Dextrose hanging in isolation on a stainless steel IV stand.
Old ornate parchment scrolls stored in a wall of circular holders.
Zoomed-in black and white photo of a woman with long, painted nails holding a lit cigarette.
Focused shot of purple-petaled flowers floating on water.
Pink smoke flowing from a lit incense stick against a moody background.
A syringe lying on a table accompanied with razors of different shapes and sizes.

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