Zak Warlyile

Zak Warlyile - Bust portrait
Name Zak Warlyile
Alias N/A
D.O.B. October 27 / Scorpio
Age 30 (Undead)
Sex / Gender Male / Male
Orientation Heterosexual
Eye Color Left: Bright Red
Right: Ice Blue

Hair Color Black
Height 6'0"
Weight 213 lbs.


  • Classical music (especially songs he can play on the piano)
  • Flowers
  • All things technical
  • First-person shooters and RPGs
  • Jewelry (collects bracelets, especially bizarre ones)
  • An occasional cigarette (he keeps saying he'll quit, but hasn't)


  • Dubstep music
  • Birds
  • Criticism
  • Incense + other overpowering smells
  • Anything coconut (although will tolerate small amounts of coconut milk when cooking)
  • Taking his armor off
    Extraverted Introverted
  • Intuitive Observant
  • Thinking Feeling
  • Judging Prospecting
  • Assertive Turbulent

*MBTI results and explanations referenced from test results provided by

    Friendly Reserved
  • Serious Immature
  • Brave Timid
  • Organized Messy
  • High-Strung Relaxed
  • Wise Ignorant
  • Independent Dependent
    Optimistic Cynical
  • Polite Snarky
  • Cautious Impulsive
  • Sincere Deceptive
  • Diligent Lazy
  • Focused Scatter-brained
  • Emotional Dispassionate


Pair of dirty/bloodied hands contrasted against an out-of-focus waterfall background.
  • (Xaerians1 — and this whole universe — all started because of Zak!)
  • Heterochromia came from my inability to have chosen a single eye color for him (both eyes were originally red)
  • [Zak was developed first, but Shinra Kusakabe (Fire Force, © Atsushi Ōkubo) reminds me a lot of Zak (especially as a kid)]
    • Zak's backstory was inspired by the tragic story of Honey Sugarman (Bojack Horseman, © Netflix), however Zak's mother's trauma and emotional distancing comes from her husband dying
  • Flower sleeve tattoo is in honor of his mother (although she doesn't particularly care for tattoos)
    • He also kept up with his piano skills (prior to being killed) in honor of her
  • D&S [BDSM]
  • Black, abstract heart across the middle of his chest, as he was stabbed through the heart during the ambush on the squadron
    • "Revivees"2 (those who are revived via The Resurrection3 ritual) can be differentiated from the living based on abstract, black tattoo-like scars that manifest themselves around the area the revivee was killed
  • His smoking habit only started after he was revived; he always says that the one he's smoking at the time will be his last, but he hasn't been able to quit yet
    • [This habit more or less formed due to his subconcious uneasiness with joining the Xaelots4 and carrying out Monosashi Reigenzien's orders]
  • Voiceclaim: Chris Pine

[ WIP/Draft ]

Zak's father, Harvey "Ace" Warlyile, was a military brat done to the bone. Zak’s mom, Siobahn Clarke-Warlyile, loved Zak dearly and was a relative contrast of her husband (Zak’s mother was very creative and into the arts and didn’t particularly care for guns/violence) — however, something broke in her when her husband died, which was when Zak was about seven or so. He never saw too much of his father given his love/involvement in the military, but Zak was old enough to understand that his not coming back had affected his mother. However, he did everything he could to make his mom happy and to support/take care of her.

After having been revived via The Resurrection, Zak warily joined the Xealot cult on orders from his squadron leader, Sergio Vargaas. He, along with his fellow squadron member, Zarler Bose-Jones, serve as escorts to Xyncx van Edema when he's sent out on missions from Monosashi Reigenzien.

Although the military and carrying out missions are more or less the only things Zak really knows, he is uncomfortable in his position within the Xealot cult. His strict loyalty to Sergio and his brothers-in-arms keeps him in line externally, but he begins to question Monosashi's and Sergio's motives with every mission they're sent on.

[ Sniper ]

Zak's Xaerian of War has given him natural mastery over just about every weapon known to man, and he can turn any object into a deadly weapon. On top of his technical skills, Zak is incredibly witty, strategic, and quick on his feet. A sniper in his hands became a match made in the cosmos, and he went on to become the deadliest and most infamous sniper in the Siterian military.

Zak's eyesight is kept sharp due to his Xaerian.

[ Hyperesthesia ]

Zak's Xaerian keeps each of his five senses sharp. His communing with the War Xaerian has also allowed Zak to develop a form of his 6th sense, which allows him to sense shifting energy—he can sense distant movement (to an extent), shifts in atmosphere and weather, and (although not a direct correlation with his Xaerian's abilities) shifts in demeanor/behavior [he's quicker to pick up on subtle cues than most people].

[ Xaerian ]

Zak's birth provided the Storm Xaerian with a host body, so he inherited his Xaerian from the very beginning.

Upon being revived via The Resurrection, Zak was tasked by Monosashi to reclaim his Xaerian "for the wellbeing of the planet". Given the Xaerians' Reclamation Property3, Zak was able to reinherit his Xaerian with ease.


4 / 5 Stars


4.5 / 5 Stars


4.5 / 5 Stars


5 / 5 Stars


5 / 5 Stars


4 / 5 Stars


4 / 5 Stars


4 / 5 Stars

You play obedient conformist — just like the rest of us.




[ Pursuer ]

Given that he's a Revivee, Zak now owes the planet — and Aeron — a cosmic debt. Given Monosashi Reigenzien's knack for pursuasion, he and the rest of his band of Revivees have been able to avoid paying the debt directly. However, the cosmic balance continues to grow more and more disproportionate the longer these resurrected souls are alive — and Aeron grows impatient and more dogged in his pursuit of the Revivees.

Monosashi Reigenzien
Monosashi Reigenzien - AlohaSushiCore's Picrew Maker

Monosashi Reigenzien

[ Cult Leader ]

Monosashi Reigenzien, the leader of the Xealot cult, found Zak within the spirit realm and recruited him for his cause. Having performed a successful Resurrection ritual, Monosashi Reigenzien and Zak, et al. were successfully revived. Although not keen on the foundations on which the Xealots were formed, Zak joins the cause on orders from Sergio Vargaas, his squadron leader.

Sergio Vargaas
Sergio Vargaas - AlohaSushiCore's Picrew Maker

Sergio Vargaas

[ General / Squadron Leader ]

Sergio Vargaas , the General and leader of Squadron 77, is Zak's commanding officer. Although not intimately aqcuainted, Sergio was aware of who Zak's father was—and admired him greatly. Sergio was thrilled when Zak was assigned to his squadron, and he became sort of a fatherly figure to Zak. Coupled with his military training, this is one of the reasons Zak is fiercely loyal to Sergio—and why he ends up agreeing to join Monosashi Reigenzien and his Xealots.

Xyncx Van Edema
Xyncx Van Edema - AlohaSushiCore's Picrew Maker

Xyncx Van Edema

[ Brother-in-arms ]

After completing boot camp, Xyncx van Edema was assigned to Squadron 77. Although the two didn't quite see eye-to-eye for a while, Zak and Xyncx eventually grew close. Xyncx, Zak, and Zarler Bose-Jones became thick as thieves and were rarely seen as anything but a trio. Three years after being assigned to Squadron 77, Xyncx was discharged due to his "condition". Despite this, he and Zak remained in touch. They wouldn't see one another again, unfortunately, until after their untimely deaths.

Alongside Zarler, Zak currently serves as one of Xyncx's escort on missions assigned by Monosashi Reigenzien.

Zarler Bose-Jones
Zarler Bose-Jones - AlohaSushiCore's Picrew Maker

Zarler Bose-Jones

[ Brother-in-arms ]

Zarler Bose-Jones and Zak grew up together (despite the seven year gap) due to their fathers being in the military together. The two grew close, and one of the reasons Zak joined the army was due to Zarler's enlistment. Although both died in a surprise ambush on Squandron 77, they were able to find one another in the spirit realm— and continued their search for Sergio together.

The two currently serve as Xyncx van Edema's escorts on missions assigned by Monosashi Reigenzien.

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A bloody fist raised triumphantly against a pure white wall.
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Pair of dirty/bloodied hands contrasted against an out-of-focus waterfall background.
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Nonsensical green neon sign hung on a grungy stone wall that reads 'Make war not war'.
Focused shot of bullets with beads/chains blurred and unfocused in the foreground.

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