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Screenshot of the updated homepage for c0deysseus.com

[ System Upgrade ]

The entirety of c0deysseus.com has been overhauled, updated, and refreshed. Be sure to peruse through the entire website, as nothing has stayed the same!

Bust profile portrait of Zak Warlyile

[ New Character Unlocked - Zak Warlyile ]

A new character has been unlocked — Zak Warlyile!

Meet Zak
Bust profile portrait of Yono Hartgraves

[ New Character Unlocked - Yono Hartgraves ]

A new character has been unlocked — Yono Hartgraves!

Meet Yono
Bust profile portrait of Alan Paxton

[ New Character Unlocked - Alan Paxton ]

A new character has been unlocked — Alan Paxton!

Meet Alan
Bust profile portrait of Khokori Pax-Esheway

[ New Character Unlocked - Khokori Pax-Esheway ]

A new character has been unlocked — Khokori Pax-Esheway!

Meet Khokori
Bust profile portrait of Zara Sykes

[ New Character Unlocked - Zara Sykes ]

A new character has been unlocked — Zara Sykes!

Meet Zara
Cropped headshot of Drago L'Marque

[ New Concept Art Character - Drago L'Marque ]

As an attorney-at-law in the Sly Cooper universe, Drago L'Marque has more than enough work on his hands to last him a lifetime as he cleans up the wreckage the thief and his gang leave in their wake.

Meet Drago
Square preview of Killing Arts

[ New Digital Piece - Killing Arts ]

Fanart piece of Prowl from Transformers Animated, inspired by a scene from the Tower of God anime, Season 1, Episode 2.

Master the Killing Arts
Square preview of Alan - Manga Redraw

[ New Digital Piece - Alan - Manga Redraw ]

Fanart and manga redraw of Alan from MÄR, Volume 3, Chapter 29.

Compare Against the Manga
Square preview of Alan - Scene Redaw

[ New Digital Piece - Alan - Scene Redraw ]

Fanart and scene redraw of Alan from MÄR, Season 1, Episode 10.

Compare Against the Anime
Square preview of Anonirei

[ New Digital Piece - Anonirei ]

An experimental painting piece that gave me an excuse to draw fanart of Reileen Kawahara from Altered Carbon.

Give Rei Some Praise
Square preview of Deer Girl

[ New Digital Piece - Deer Girl ]

I worked on this painting/illustration after having completed an animated sequence of the sketch for my ICM 504 Designing For Motion/Media class at Quinnipiac University.

I'm No Deer in Headlights
Square preview of Pink 'n Pearls

[ New Digital Piece - Pink 'n Pearls ]

Loose painting / illustrative piece of an anonymous character with features inspired by the Pink Deer filter on Snapchat.

Oh Deery Me
Square preview of 'Rip Your Heart Out'

[ New Digital Piece - Rip Your Heart Out ]

Painted & illustrated fanart done of my favorite character ship, Korso (Titan A.E.) and my OC Shikyo.

Rip My Heart Out, Korso!
Screenshot of updated individual character page - Shikyo

[ Individual Page Revamp - Character Page ]

A landing page has gotten revamped with a new design — Shikyo's character page!

See Shikyo's New Page
Screenshot of updated 'Musings Of' landing page

[ Landing Page Revamp - Musings Of ]

A landing page has gotten revamped with a new design — Musings Of!

See the New Musings Of Page
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