Shikyo (Izanami)

Shikyo (Izanami) - Flat color w/ transparent background
Name Izanami
Alias Shikyo
Species Exorcist (natural)
Demon (disguise)

Species Horns Kudu
Date of Death ???
Age ???
Sex / Gender Female / Female
Orientation Heterosexual
Cause of Death Slit throat (fabricated)
Occupation Exorcist (formerly)
Assassin (fabricated)

Height 5'10"
Weight 142 lbs.


  • Solitude
  • Weapons
  • Food & sweets
  • Music [and playing it loud!]
  • The sight of slaughtered Sinners


  • Crowds
  • Insects
  • Angels & Cherubs (has long grown tired of them)
  • Oranges
    Extraverted Introverted
  • Intuitive Observant
  • Thinking Feeling
  • Judging Prospecting
  • Assertive Turbulent

*MBTI results and explanations referenced from test results provided by

    Friendly Reserved
  • Serious Immature
  • Brave Timid
  • Organized Messy
  • High-Strung Relaxed
  • Wise Ignorant
  • Independent Dependent
    Optimistic Cynical
  • Polite Snarky
  • Cautious Impulsive
  • Sincere Deceptive
  • Diligent Lazy
  • Focused Scatter-brained
  • Emotional Dispassionate


  • Shikyo (Izanami) is an AU (alternate universe) version of Shikyo
  • After watching B: The Beginning, I fell in love with the idea of incorporating "Izanami" (as one of the characters is named Izanami in that anime) into Shikyo's Musings Of lore. However, it fit better here—so I had her Exorcist name be Izanami, while she dubbed herself "Shikyo" as part of her Demon disguise.
  • I (admittedly) had read a Hazbin Hotel fanfiction work prior to the creation of Shikyo's AU creation in this universe, and it was about a "fallen angel". I loved the idea of Shikyo not quite being a Hell-bound human, but she as a character/person is the furthest thing from an angel. Remembering the Exorcists, I knew immediately what I wanted her to be—and that I wanted her to be a "semi-unhinged" one, at that. I couldn't stomach the idea of going the vanilla Sinner route, and after watching Helluva Boss I really wanted to further blur the line between Heaven and Hell, since all the characters can be boiled down to being morally corrupt and depraved.
  • Shikyo's kudu horns came from my love of how they looked on her, and it ended up working out perfectly because part of the backstory she uses to justify them is that she was often questioned if she "had her horns twisted" (which is canon; she was asked this on many occasions by her Exorcist companions)—a question I was often asked as a child (I had a rowdy phase!).
[Coming Soon!]

Tired, bored, and fed up with the hollow niceties and sugar-coated façades she finds herself surrounded with in Heaven, Izanami decides on a whim to remain in Hell after this year's annual Cleanse. She saunters through the streets as she devises a disguise for herself, hiding amongst the carnage of slaughtered Sinners (whom she helped cut down) as she awaits the departure of her celestial brothers and sisters. Finding herself completely alone and freed from the heavenly leashed she believed herself to be tethered to, she roams the streets in search of refuge so she can get her bearings. As she traverses the hellscape that is the Pride circle of the Pentagram, she stumbles upon the "Happy Hotel". Assuming it to be a regular facility intended for offering aslyum for travelers, she makes her way towards it—and soon finds herself in a predicament. After irresponsibly deciding to remain in Hell against protocol and all odds, Izanami (now going by the nickname/alias "Shikyo") finds herself inside an establishment that has been converted into a "rehabilitation" hotel with inhabitants who hope to rehabilitate individuals so that they may ascend to Heaven.

[ Flight ]

As an Exorcist, Shikyo possesses the capability of flight in her natural form. Largely used for travel purposes, Shikyo doesn't use her wings much—but has now eliminated all traces of them with her Sinner disguise.

[ Weapon Proficiency ]

As a diligent cog in the gears of divine warfare, militarist training is part of the day-to-day tedium in the life of an Exorcist. Due to this, Shikyo knows her way around just about every weapon in Heaven's holy arsenal. Blades and swords, however, are her weapons of choice.

Weapons allow her to keep a distance from her targets (which she very much prefers as she toys with them), but she is just as much a formidable force unarmed.

[ Hand-to-Hand Combat / Strength ]

As part of her training, Shikyo is also able to hold her own sans weapon. She has put many an Exorcist on their ass in training sessions with her bare fists, and has procured herself a record over the decades she's been in Heaven.

As a result of her diligent, intensive training, she is very strong despite her lean frame. This is something Alastor unwittingly exploits and takes advantage of when he asks her to accompany him food shopping—and forces her to carry all the groceries.

[ Shapeshifting ]

Even though her Exorcist form is enough to strike fear and terror into the hearts of all Sinners who behold her silhouette, Shikyo (along with every other Exorcist) has the ability to shapeshift and disguise herself. She had no use for such a skill while in Heaven, but she relies heavily on this ability after her prolonged stay in Hell. Once she disguises herself into a fellow Sinner, she retains that form from then on.

While Exorcists can shapeshift and don disguises, the one thing they can't rid themselves of is their horns. Shikyo works this into her disguise and thins, elongates, and spirals them to resemble kudu horns. Her cynical, jaded attitude forced her to endure the question "Do you have your horns twisted, or something?" a lot in Heaven, which created a synergetic justification as to why she chose those horns, specifically.


Charlie Morningstar
Cropped version of Charlie Morningstar's default character art from the Hazbin Hotel universe/fandom wiki (©Hazbin Hotel, SpindleHorse Toons/A24, Vivienne Medrano)

[ Boss ]

The first to welcome and greet Shikyo into the Happy Hotel, Charlie is Shikyo's introductory encounter with a denizen of Hell outside of the Cleanse. Although Charlie assumes and hopes that Shikyo will participate in rehabilitation, Shikyo is offered an alternative, instead—she's allowed to stay in the hotel if she agrees to work and be part of the staff. Thinking nothing of the task, she accepts. Charlie assigns her the official role of "Bellhop" given her strength, but Shikyo's duties grow to include helping Charlie and Vaggie around the hotel when needed. As a naturally trusting and optimistic individual, Charlie enjoys Shikyo's presence at the hotel—and very much appreciates her willingness to help out.

Despite her preconceptions about Sinners, Shikyo nevertheless believes that Charlie's mission is both noble and admirable—in its own way.

Cropped version of Vaggie's default character art from the Hazbin Hotel universe/fandom wiki (©Hazbin Hotel, SpindleHorse Toons/A24, Vivienne Medrano)

[ Co-worker ]

From the moment she entered the hotel, Vaggie has been wary of Shikyo. Unable to put her finger on what it is that puts her on edge, Vaggie keeps a skeptical eye on the latter whenever the two interact or are together. She appreciates her help and the lent aid she provides when asked, but she isn't sold on Shikyo's backstory of having been an assassin in her former life. The two get along for the most part, but Shikyo remains rather indifferent when it comes to Vaggie liking her or not.

As Shikyo develops a relationship with Alastor, Vaggie begins to trust her even less. Finding the woman in the Radio Demon's room on one occasion drives another nail into the fictitious coffin Vaggie has for Shikyo within her mind, and her wariness around the horned woman reaches an all-time high.

Angel Dust
Cropped version of Angel Dust's default character art from the Hazbin Hotel universe/fandom wiki (©Hazbin Hotel, SpindleHorse Toons/A24, Vivienne Medrano)

[ Co-worker / Acquaintance ]

As a newcomer, Shikyo isn't privy to Angel Dust's reputation—so upon meeting him, she just believes him to be another worthless Sinner. However, Angel is the inhabitant of the Happy Hotel with which Shikyo ends up getting along the best. Enjoying his snark and candor, Shikyo finds Angel's demeanor to be the most refreshing.

In addition to being a bell hop and an extra set of hands, Shikyo has been given the duty of helping out in the kitchen—which means helping Angel, specifically. The two discuss debauchery as much as they discuss recipes while poring over cookbooks, and the menu that's established for future hotel patrons is born from their collaborative efforts.

Cropped version of Alastor's default character art from the Hazbin Hotel universe/fandom wiki (©Hazbin Hotel, SpindleHorse Toons/A24, Vivienne Medrano)

[ Pseudo-Boss / Romantic Interest ]

None the wiser to the tales of the Radio Demon, Shikyo is unphased when Alastor saunters through the doors to the Happy Hotel shortly after her arrival. He, in turn, develops a dark interest in her at first glance, and immediately begins weaving her around his finger from their very first interaction. He makes it a point to single her out and keep her separated from the others, and the two develop a sick, twisted, and eventually dependent relationship with one another. He finds her presence at the hotel to be both convenient and thrilling (once he finds out her secret), and .

Alastor infects Shikyo's judgment and rationality like a parasite, and with every subsequent encounter she falls deeper and deeper into his clutches—until she's on the brink of pledging herself to him for all eternity.

Cropped version of Niffty's default character art from the Hazbin Hotel universe/fandom wiki (©Hazbin Hotel, SpindleHorse Toons/A24, Vivienne Medrano)

[ Co-worker ]

Bursting with energy, excitable Niffty is a constant reminder of the demeanor Shikyo so desperately wished to escape when she turned traitor to her Heavenly comrades. Shikyo bears the Sinner no ill will per se, but she finds Niffty's bubbly attitude rather grating at times. Niffty remains blissfully ignorant to this, even when Shikyo responds with venom-tipped words.

Niffty and the others catch Angel Dust eavesdropping outside Alastor's door one night, and Niffty lets out a bewildered shriek when she hears Shikyo repeating Alastor's name in a lewd manner from behind the door. She doesn't treat Shikyo with direct contempt after this encounter, but she does glare scornfully at the back of the woman's head from time to time when she's not looking.

Cropped version of Husk's default character art from the Hazbin Hotel universe/fandom wiki (©Hazbin Hotel, SpindleHorse Toons/A24, Vivienne Medrano)

[ Co-worker / Acquaintance ]

Antisocial by nature, Shikyo finds inner solace around Husk once the two get better acquainted. Shikyo finds his apathy and somewhat combative, argumentative personality familiar, and in turn comforting.

In need of a midnight walkabout to clear her head—and to temporarily free herself from the Alastor's watchful eye—she ends up at the lobby bar one night. Although reluctant to have a patron at first, Husk becomes receptive of Shikyo's presence. The two enjoy some banter and engage in shallow conversation, which paves the way for their future interactions. The next day, however, Husk warns Shikyo to not enter the kitchen whilst Alastor is occupying it, to which she deliberately disobeys him. The two banter back and forth, much to Shikyo's delight, but Husk grows wary after she enters the kitchen not once, but twice in the same day, joining Alastor on both occasions. He confronts the rest of the group later on about it, then warns Charlie to keep an eye on the two.

Jack (Zak)

[ Acquaintance ]

Regardless of not being a fellow participant in Charlie's redemption project, Shikyo and Jack have found solace in one another as outsiders at the hotel. Given that they share similar views, Shikyo finds Jack's company to be somewhat calming—but she finds the questions he asks provocative, and they shake her self-identity as she begins to question her own beliefs and preconceptions about Heaven and Hell.

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