Yono Hartgraves

Yono Hartgraves
Name Yono Hartgraves
Alias N/A
D.O.B. December 22 / Capricorn
Age 32
Sex / Gender Male / Male
Orientation Heterosexual
Eye Color Left: Bright Purple
Right: Bright Red

Hair Color Black to Mahogany Ombré
Height 6'2"
Weight 237 lbs.


  • Colored aviators
  • Taking pictures (he's a bit sentimental)
  • Decorative chokers
  • Traveling


  • Spotlight/limelght/fame
  • Paparazzi
  • Thrash/Death Metal ("It's just noise!")
    Extraverted Introverted [ Mind ]
    60% Introverted

    This trait determines how we interact with our environment.
  • Intuitive Observant [ Energy ]
    55% Observant

    This trait shows where we direct our mental energy.
  • Thinking [ Nature ]
    53% Thinking

    This trait determines how we make decisions and cope with emotions.
  • Judging [ Tactics ]
    57% Judging

    This trait reflects our approach to work, planning and decision-making.
  • Assertive [ Identity ]
    90% Assertive

    This trait underpins all others, showing how confident we are in our abilities and decisions.

*MBTI results and explanations referenced from test results provided by 16personalities.com.

    Friendly Reserved
  • Serious Immature
  • Brave Timid
  • Organized Messy
  • High-Strung Relaxed
  • Wise Ignorant
  • Independent Dependent
    Optimistic Cynical
  • Polite Snarky
  • Cautious Impulsive
  • Sincere Deceptive
  • Diligent Lazy
  • Focused Scatter-brained
  • Emotional Dispassionate


Yono Hartgraves

Created by Shikyo Anastasia on Spotify
6 songs, 23 min 9 sec

Famous Last Words
My Chemical Romance

Ready to Fall
Rise Against

Dark from the Dying

8 Legged Dreams
Unlike Pluto

Unlike Pluto

Ansel Elgort


  • Due to a manic prank from Scipio, Yono’s right eye was rendered blind. As the scar began to heal, Yono was surprised that he began to regain sight in his eye; although "sight" wasn’t the exact word. Yono’s vision was now split between reality and an alternate, parallel-like version of reality—it’s twisted and macabre, and washed in a straining spectrum of pinks, blues, and purples that shimmers like the surface of water. This "shimmering" fluid effect can also be seen from an external viewer. He keeps it covered almost all of the time.
  • Migrant habits, considering he's an orphan by the time he's 16
  • Huge and burly, but is calm and slow to work up emotionally—reminiscent of Iron Tager (© BlazBlue)
  • Original name was "Yonokatsu" when I thought I was cool and made up names... and then I found out that "katsu" is Japanese for "cutlet"
  • Voiceclaim: Jamieson Price
[Coming Soon!]

After having served as a bodyguard for Saari Pradana, Yono eventually settled into a more quiet suburban town in Siteria3. A short while after gaining employment as a bouncer at a local nightclub, he joined Rin Kimura and Midori Akamatsu as part of their "girl gang", acting as the backup and brawns for their schemes.

[ Krav Maga ]

Given that Yono's always been a larger individual, he's been approached by many military recruiters. However, the only one who got through to him was a loose acquaintance of his mother's—and he ended up enrolling Yono in Krav Maga classes. This, coupled with his calm voice and demeanor, made him the perfect candidate for his eventual profession as a bodyguard. Yono prefers to try and diffuse tension by talking aggressors down, but he's more than capable of handling himself with just his bare hands in any fight (his only match is Alan Paxton).

Gauntlet icon, game-icons.net, Delapouite
[ Iron Fists ]

Despite being a calm individual who relies on force as a last resort, Yono possesses a pair of oversized, mechanical gauntlets that he wears at all times. These carbon fiber gloves are more so for show than anything else, but they're as equally effective as they are showy—coupled with his Krav Maga skills, Yono's punches land with the power of a speeding freight train.










Saari Pradana
Saari Pradana - AlohaSushiCore Picrew Icon Maker
[ Ex-"Client" ]

After turning eighteen, Saari Pradana (heiress to the fashion moguls Natalia and Christian Pradana) was told by her parents that she was in need of her own, personal bodyguard. On a bit of a whim, Yono applied for the job—and was eventually hired. Not realizing exactly what he was signing up for, Yono found the fame, spotlight, and paparazzi to be overwhelming. After about a year of service, Yono resigned—and was only able to do so with Saari supporting his decision. Their professional relationship ended amicably and civilly; however, the two haven't kept in close contact with one another.

Rin Kimura
Rin Kimura - AlohaSushiCore Picrew Icon Maker
[ Gang Member / "Client" ]

Rin Kimura is the founding member [and only other female member] of her self-proclaimed "girl gang", which is comprised of her and Midori Akamatsu. Although Yono himself hasn't taken on the title of being a "girl gang member", both Midori and Rin value him as an addition to their team. Stubborn and headstrong, Yono has had to get Rin out of a handful of risky situations, and he acts primarily as her bodyguard.

Midori Akamatsu
Midori Akamatsu - AlohaSushiCore Picrew Icon Maker
[ Gang Member / "Client" ]

Midori Akamatsu is the [only] other female member of Rin Kimura's "girl gang". Although Yono himself hasn't taken on the title of being a "girl gang member", both Midori and Rin value him as an addition to their team. Although Midori is more capable of holding her own, Yono still acts as her bodyguard.

Mood / Inspiration Board

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Close-up shot of a pair of aviators stuck in the sand against a blurred/unfocused backgrounf of water and a sunset - Alex Perez on Unsplash
Photo of an abstractly-lit hallway, with lights in oranges, reds, pinks, teals/blues, and purples - Efe Kurnaz on Unsplash
Photo of people standing in line to the interior entrance of a nightclub - Alexander Popov on Unsplash
Photo of a map of the world with things like a string of light bulbs, a Passport or two, cameras, and a pair of aviator sunglasses lying on top of it - Charlotte Noelle on Unsplash
Dark, close-up photo of a man covering his left eye - Benjamin Ranger on Unsplash
Abstract, macro photo of a person's eye - Dasha Yukhymyuk on Unsplash
Photo of the interior of a luxury building with an abstract, reflective ceiling - Marcel Strauß on Unsplash
Photo of display racks of aviators with colored lenses - Steinar Engeland on Unsplash
Photo of people standing and sitting on wooden pallets outside of a concrete building - Alexander Popov on Unsplash
Thick, heavy paint strokes in a variety of colors (mainly magenta/pink, whte, and a bit of blue/purple) - Orlova Maria on Unsplash
Abstract photo of a purple background with a pink/magenta spotlight, and flecks of red, blue, and pink/magenta paint with a streak of red across the center - Jr Korpa on Unsplash
Photo of a band performing on a stage with three 'jumbotron' monitors livestreaming, photograph taken from the crowd - Outcast India on Unsplash
Abstract photo of a person wearing glasses with bokeh light effects in the background and foreground - John Petalcurin on Unsplash
Silhouette of a man with a backpack and glasses on the top of a slide against a sunset sky - Steve Halama on Unsplash
Close-up photo of thick-bordered photographic prints of various places and scenes - sarandy westfall on Unsplash
Photo of a man wearing a black tank top and shorts sitting on a weight bench with a tower over the headrest - Jaiden Peters on Unsplash