Zara Sykes

Zara Sykes
Name Zara Sykes
Alias N/A
D.O.B. July 17 / Cancer
Age 26
Sex / Gender Female / Female
Orientation Heterosexual
Eye Color Light Gray
Hair Color Dark Purple / Silver/Grey Ombré
Height 5'9" (5'10" with boots)
Weight 129 lbs.


  • Sharp lines + silhouettes
  • Peanut butter & bananas (her favorite snack!)
  • White chocolate peppermint hot cocoa
  • Winter fashion
  • Crystals + gemstones (usually in the form of jewelry)


  • Hospitals
  • Philosophy and theory (being Resurrected made these topics uncomfortable)
  • Deep, open water (but is trying to overcome the thassalophobia)
  • Hooded sweatshirts/jackets
    Extraverted [ Mind ]
    68% Extraverted

    This trait determines how we interact with our environment.
  • Intuitive Observant [ Energy ]
    66% Observant

    This trait shows where we direct our mental energy.
  • Thinking Feeling [ Nature ]
    60% Feeling

    This trait determines how we make decisions and cope with emotions.
  • Judging Prospecting [ Tactics ]
    56% Prospecting

    This trait reflects our approach to work, planning and decision-making.
  • Assertive [ Identity ]
    68% Assertive

    This trait underpins all others, showing how confident we are in our abilities and decisions.

*MBTI results and explanations referenced from test results provided by

    Friendly Reserved
  • Serious Immature
  • Brave Timid
  • Organized Messy
  • High-Strung Relaxed
  • Wise Ignorant
  • Independent Dependent
    Optimistic Cynical
  • Polite Snarky
  • Cautious Impulsive
  • Sincere Deceptive
  • Diligent Lazy
  • Focused Scatter-brained
  • Emotional Dispassionate


  • Since Xaerians are the embodiment of their element, Zara's skin and body temperature are cooler than average // can manipulate the heat in the space around her (which is how she keeps from overheating)
    • Zara has noticed that she has less of an appetite than the average person, which makes sense given her slightly lower body temperature than average
  • Power over her element is so fine-tuned that she can freeze moisture on an individual's skin; also has the ability (through calmed concentration) to freeze whatever she places her hands on
  • Fond of silvery/grey hairstyles; will ombré her hair every so often with colors other than her default hairstyle
  • Barbell nipple piercings
  • Extraverted, but calmly so—she's the friend/guest who's just happy to be there with you, but doesn't make a whole scene about it
  • Voiceclaim: Troian Bellisario
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[ Cryomancy ]

The Ice Xaerian has given Zara the ability to manipulate heat energy in the space around her; this ability has become so fine-tuned from her communion with her Xaerian that she has the ability to freeze moisture on an individual's skin. She also has the ability, through calmed concentration, to freeze anything she places her hands on.

As a result of the cryomancy and Xaerian's presence within her, Zara's body temperature is cooler than average. She keeps from overheating by passively manipulating the heat energy that lies within a close perimeter to her body.

Although she has fine-tuned the abilities she possesses, Zara is still unable to command or manifest ice at will (as of yet).

[ Ice Shuriken ]

[ Unofficial / WIP ]
Zara's Xaerian has blessed her with a giant shuriken star made of below-zero crystallized ice. Given Zara's ability to manipulate the heat around her, the shuriken is more or less immune to melting; it never dulls, and its subzero temperature makes the edges feel even sharper. Zara is the only one capable of wielding/touching this weapon, as she is the only one who is unaffected by the temperature of the ice.

Beast eye icon,, Lorc
[ Xaerian ]

Having been revived via The Resurrection, Zara became the next available host for the Ice Xaerian—and she became its new vessel.










Khokori Pax-Esheway
[ "Mentor" ]

Shortly after having froze and drowned, Zara was brought by her parents to the Xaeriite village. Although Khokori herself did not perform the Resurrection ritual, she was there to supervise. After being revived, Zara inherited the Ice Xaerian. As someone who shared a similar history, Khokori felt for Zara's situation—and offered solace for the young bearer. Although the two never grew close "personally", Zara grew to admire Khokori, and Khokori grew to enjoy Zara's presence and aid. Zara's communion with her Xaerian was achievably solely by Khokori's guidance and teachings.

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Photo of a hand holding a small icicle - fotografierende on Unsplash
Photo of a dark, brooding ocean environment with storm clouds and a hand reaching up out of the water - Ian on Unsplash
Photo of a woman in a winter jacket and sweater, wind blowing her hair in her face, against a blurred/unfocused wintry background - Iwan Shimko on Unsplash
Photo of a woman's legs in dark jeans, patterened socks, and knock-off Timberland sherpa boots standing on a rock against a blurred/unfocused background with rows of trees - Emily Lewandowski on Unsplash
Photo of a broken ice shelf/layer floating on teal blue water - Bryan Rodriguez on Unsplash
Profile shot of a woman in a black, button-up shirt with a long, light-to-dark ombre bob - Oladimeji Odunsi on Unsplash
Photo of a woman's hands (with black-painted nails) on the snow-covered bark of a tree - Oleg Ivanov on Unsplash
Bird's-eye, top-down photo of a person in a jacket, red top, dark jeans, leg warmer socks, and a pair of leather boots standing on snowy ground - fotografierende on Unsplash
Photo of someone holding a small, frost-covered plant - Ezra Jeffrey-Comeau on Unsplash
Photo of the lower half of a blonde woman's face who's wearing a white shirt and black leather jacket, against an blurry/unfocused pink textured wall background - Alina Kovalchuk on Unsplash
Photo of a large, decorative glass jar filled with a chocolate-like, ganache-looking cream, bananas, walnuts, and fruit, on a wooden board - Ella Olsson on Unsplash
Photo of a snow-dusted yield sign that reads 'Dead End' against a blurred/unfocused background of snow and water - Adam Birkett on Unsplash
Abstract, distorted photo of someone with red hair in a pink shirt submerged underwater - Serenity Mitchell on Unsplash
Photo of a woman with a chocolate-brown to golden blonde ombré sitting and posing on a set of stone/marble stairs against a steel wall - Philipp Lansing on Unsplash
Macro image of a pair of brown boots with taupe-colored laces - S. Laiba Ali on Unsplash
Photo of hands holding up a circular-cut slab of ice with a pink flower frozen within; the ice is backlit and against a black background - Evie S. on Unsplash

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