Scroll of Suffering

Scroll of Suffering
Scroll of Suffering - no background
Scroll of Suffering - black and white illustration, only

Piece Details

Black & White simplification self-portrait with leniency on thin, articulate lines. Some of the inspiration (most notably the horns) came from Kung Fu Panda 3's antagonist, Kai, and also from Princess Fuse from Ōkami.

Kai, Kung Fu Panda © DreamWorks Animation
Ōkami and Clover Studios belong to © Capcom Co., Ltd.

Dried Blood Splatter Brushes, Photoshop Tutorials | "Free Glossy Glass Ball" file/object, starux | Skull Brushes, helenartathome / Helen Huybs
Scroll texture was found on (which no longer seems to exist)

    Created By
    C0deysseus / Leanne Scorcia
    July 2016
    Adobe Photoshop CC, Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet

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